A project by Hannah Schemel and Steffen Diemer.

Afghanistan is one of the last countries on earth where some photographers still are using the so-called Afghan Box or kamra-e-faoree, an Instant Camera.

We, the photographers Hannah Schemel and Steffen Diemer, in following the traditional afghan street photography, continue using this street art photography technique by taking classic portraits.

It’s a wonderful experience to be portrayed with our camera. You can witness the whole analogue process and will get your black and white portrait in around 15–20 minutes in a format of 13 x 18 cm. 

The camera works completely without film. We are only using our photo chemicals and paper. The camera was built by Pablo Massey and its oldest parts are 120 years old.

Steffen Diemer knows Afghanistan well from visiting it approx. 35 times as documentary photographer as he travelled to the Hindu Kush between the years 2002–2015. In 2011, he had himself portrayed with an Afghan Box in Feizabad on the street. 

We are offering you a one of a kind experience and are at the same time able to keep a piece of photography history alive.